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Musician, composer, performer, actor, radio + TV host,
 artist, celebrity impersonato
r, film maker+more!


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Why I bought time to air my TV pilot

Posted by Stewart Brodian on May 8, 2013 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (1)

When I made my first TV pilot, I would submit it to film festivals.  It won an award at the first one I sent it to!

After a while, it wasn't getting accepted to film festivals (for, whatever reasons,...)

It costs money to submit to film festivals.

I figured: if I'm to be spending money on it, why not spend it on results?

There's more people watching TV than sitting in the theater at the film festival anyway.

And, you never know who may be watching,...

Besides, what better way to create a buzz for something than to have it on the air?

I do a weekly radio show at WDIY in Allentown, PA. and I know a few things about broadcast regulations.

My show doesn't violate any of them.

People are tired of the shock value that some broadcasters seem to think they need in order to get ratings.

There's nothing offesnsive or filthy in my TV show.

It's simply a good script that makes people both laugh and think.

Isn't that what some people are looking for in television?