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Musician, composer, performer, actor, radio + TV host,
artist, celebrity imp
ersonator, film maker + more!


Musician, composer, performer, actor, radio + TV host,
 artist, celebrity impersonato
r, film maker+more!


life is full of coincidences!

Posted by Stewart Brodian on November 15, 2022 at 9:05 PM

There have been lots oftimes where I'll post on my facebook page aomething interesting, weird or coincidental and then say "I should be writing for television!" and then, as a jake, I'll write, "oh wait,... I already DO write for television!".

Sometimes, more recently, I;ll follow that up by writing ("you know, I really shoud stop saying that").

Wel;, today was no different.

At the end of September, I mailed out someting that I sold on Ebay.

A few weeks ago, the buyer contacted me saying that it never arrived.

I checked the tracking number from the post office and it said it was delivered.  The customer was hoping for a refund.

This moring, Ebay sent me a note that the customer complaint expired due to inactivity.

I then went to the post office and this morning, the package came back to my postbox as return to sender.

I slightly misaddressed the package and that is why the buyer never received it.

I immediately repackaged the item and sent it back out withing the hour.

A I've written on my facebook page: Now you know where us television writers get our ides from!

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