The other me The other me as President Abraham Lincoln 179028930 Reading the Gettysburg Address Phillipsburg Middle School 5/23/13 - school orchestra recital/assembly 179837849 The Joker (yes, I was serious!) 179028931 Jeepers! It's the cops! Me, as a 1920's Keystone cop! 179030929 Joey Ramone The NY rocker,... 179031103 Colonial figure perfect for patriotic shows and more! 179230787 Me, with straight hair 179231725 Hair, unmanageable,... 179231728 Me, minus the split ends 186827022 Me, in a tuxedo I was trying a different look. 179231729 1920's style Stewart Brodian I'm just trying a different look! 186826999 The Viking! Scanfest 2011 179232340 Early American explorer This was for a scene for a show on The History Channel. 179232341 really old picture of me Taken in 1986 179028932 Way back when,... Ever wonder what I look like with short hair? 179554310